Assessing common interventions in toddler behaviour

This short course is the third part of the course bundle, Managing toddler behaviour. It forms part of the Toddler specialist consultant training pathway.

This short course is designed to help professionals to understand how some of the common interventions in toddler behaviour aim to work to change toddler behaviour, and what the long and short term effects of these can be on relationships, behaviours, development and wellbeing.

This short course includes the lessons:

  • Time out
  • Naughty step
  • Time in
  • Shouting
  • Generic praise
  • Rewards
  • Ignoring
  • If/then (bribery/threat)
  • Consequences
  • Toddler behaviour: Effective recognition
  • Playful/distraction

Prerequisites: To get the best experience from this short course you will be familiar with the information contained in the Understanding toddler behaviour bundle, Introduction to developmental psychology course bundle, Toddler development course bundle

Relevant learning: The following courses work with this course and those listed above to help you understand the experience, needs and behaviour of toddlers. You can complete them in your preferred order.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Sections
  • 20 Lessons