Communicating with toddlers is the fifth part of the toddler focused short course bundle, Understanding toddlers,.

This short course includes the lessons:

  • Developing language
  • Unspoken communication
  • Action communication
  • Unintentional communication

The communicating with toddlers short course covers how toddlers develop language, and how adult communication is more than just language. We consider unspoken communication, communicating through actions, and how we can unintentionally communicate fear, anger or stress to toddlers, causing unwanted and unexpected reactions.

Prerequisites: Introduction to understanding toddlers (Free short course), Being a toddler short course, Understanding toddlers’ world, Toddlers’ needs

Relevant prior learning: The following courses work with this course to help you understand the experience, needs and behaviour relevant to your chosen specialism/s. You can complete them in your preferred order.

  • Toddler development course bundle
  • Introduction to developmental psychology
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Course Includes

  • 3 Sections
  • 14 Lessons