CalmFamily consultant foundation course

This course covers the core knowledge for preparing people to become CalmFamily consultants. The core CalmFamily course contains a number of sections that will underpin your understanding of family life, child development, understanding humans and working to support families. You will also learn all about the CalmFamily ethos and join our community. This course involves attending one interactive training day either online or in-person when you have completed the online learning components. These events take place every other month.

Following this training course, you will be able to move on to complete one or more of the CalmFamily specialist courses in order to professionally support families to have calmer relationships. Those specialisms include:

  • Baby specialist consultant
  • Toddler specialist consultant
  • Sleep specialist consultant
  • Play specialist consultant
  • Infant feeding practitioner
  • Carrying practitioner

Each of the specialisms include the knowledge, resources and licences to run our all, or the appropriate parts, of our education programmes as associated with that specialism, including BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™.

Course Content

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Module 0: Welcome and orientation
Module 1: About CalmFamily
Module 2: Childhood and families
Module 3: An Introduction to physiology and biochemistry
Module 4: An introduction to neurological development
Module 5: An introduction to psychological development
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Course Includes

  • 62 Sections
  • 269 Lessons
  • Course Certificate