Supporting parents with toddler behaviour: the CRUCIAL framework

This short course is the fourth part of the course bundle, Managing toddler behaviour. It forms part of the Toddler specialist consultant training pathway.

This short course includes the lessons:

  • Introduction to supporting parents with toddler behaviour
  • Control: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Rhythm: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Understanding: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Communication: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Individuality: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Advocacy: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Love: CRUCIAL for toddler behaviour
  • Supporting parents with toddler behaviour: CRUCIAL for all

The short course covers the CRUCIAL framework and how parents can apply it to meet and balance their needs and those of their toddler, specifically with regards to resolving toddler behaviour issues as understood through the lens of a neuropsychological approach to human needs.

Prerequisites: Understanding toddler behaviour short course, Understanding difficult toddler behaviours short course, Introduction to developmental psychology course bundle, Toddler development course bundle, Understanding toddlers course bundle

Relevant learning: The following courses work with this course to help you understand the experience, needs and behaviour of toddlers. You can complete them in your preferred order.

  • An introduction to neurological development
  • An introduction to sensory regulation
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Course Includes

  • 3 Sections
  • 23 Lessons