Supporting parents with toilet learning

This short course is the sixth part of the toddler toilet learning module for the toddler specialist consultant training pathway.

This short course includes the lessons:

  • Introduction to supporting parents with toilet learning
  • Preparing for toilet learning
  • Time
  • Observe cues
  • Integrated hygiene
  • Learning instead of training
  • Engineer success
  • Team
  • FOUNDATIONS of toilet learning
  • A CRUCIAL approach to toileting
  • Supporting dry NIGHTS

This short course covers strategies that you can use to support parents to promote toilet learning and introduce toilet use. The TOILET framework is about preparing to introduce toilet use. The FOUNDATIONS framework is our learning framework applied here to promoting learning and skills development that will support independent toilet use. This is ideal for parents starting to think about toilet use. It can be used for parents who are having difficulties too. The troubleshooting framework, CRUCIAL used for meeting and balancing needs is often the go to framework when parents are encountering difficulties, and here we apply it specifically to toilet learning. Finally we have supporting dry NIGHTS which is a series of tips for parents starting to think about removing nappies at night time.

Prerequisites: An introduction to psychological development core short course bundle. When looking at the impact of interventions commonly used in toilet learning we draw on an understanding of psychological development, motivation, and behaviourism as introduced in the introduction to psychological development bundle.

The science of toilet learning short course, Developmental readiness for independent toileting, The history of toilet training, Common toilet learning interventions and methods.

Relevant prior learning: It is not necessary to complete the following courses prior to this course, however doing so will give you a good grounding in the relevant background areas.
Core module 3: An introduction to physiology and biochemistry.
Core module 6: An introduction to sensory regulation bundle, especially short course “The interoceptive sense”

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Course Includes

  • 3 Sections
  • 19 Lessons