Birth awareness groups

Birth awareness groups

This 4-hour workshop…

Spreading awareness of birth rights

We will deeply explore with you:

Our consultants set their own prices so you will need to contact them to find out. Most of our consultants will also happily run this for a privately arranged group or as a series of private consultations.

“After the workshop I felt so much calmer about life with my baby”

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Whether you are preparing in advance or you have recently had a baby, being a new parent can be overwhelming. This workshop is designed to help you understand your baby, and make you feel more confident as a new parent.

We use real science, not opinion or old-fashioned advice. We offer frameworks that give you the power to create a family life that works for you.

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We have our own online social community here in our website, safe from Facebook or some of the scarier parenting forums. There are no ads, and our groups and forums are managed by CalmFamily leaders, with our values at heart.

Workshop details

4+ hours of interactive learning

More than four hours of interactive learning with a highly trained birth specialist consultant.

Two adult spaces

The workshop fee includes space for two adult parents or carers in your family. Additional adult spaces, and spaces for children must be arranged by contacting the individual consultant.

Comfortable environment

Our consultants are trained to make your experience comfortable, meeting all your physical and psychological needs.

Comprehensive learning materials

Access to resources after the workshop, covering all aspects of the session and more.

Ongoing support

Our consultants follow up after a session by email, and invite you to join an online group in the CalmFamily social media platform, where you can access learning materials and ongoing support.

Discounts on products and membership

After your workshop you will receive discount codes to use in our shop, and to hire form our library, or for our family membership.

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