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Wompat carriers in the spotlight

hire a sling wompats
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Wompat carriers in the spotlight

hire a sling wompats
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Introducing Wompats

Wompats are stunningly beautiful and amazingly comfortable. The convenience of a buckle carrier – with the prettiness of a wrap. Handmade by the same craftsperson from start to finish from your favourite wrap – they are a one of a kind buckle carrier.

It’s A Sling Thing is the best place in the UK to get your Wompat. We offer in stock options or order your custom wompat converted from your own wrap. We offer all sizes to hire by post or new ones to buy.

White adult with a preschool aged child in a rainbow striped carrier with a pixie hood, on their back.

Wompat: features and functionality

Wompat style
Wompat carrier made from Kokadi Erna I'm Wunderland woven wrap. The design is sky blue with a magenta tree surrounded by birds and deer

Wompats are high quality carriers, they feel well made and special. The panel is made from woven wrap material, usually Girasol or Vanamo. They come in vibrant rainbow stripes, stunning woven designs or in any wrap you provide them to convert.

Perfect pixie hoods
View from behind of a white person carrying a 4 year old. They are in a woodland. The child is on their back in a Blue and rainbow striped Wompat. Both child and adult are pointing at something high in a tree.

All Wompat carriers have a cute pointed pixie hood so support your baby’s head while sleeping. This gives some privacy for your little one if they’re feeling overwhelmed and protects against rain and sun too.

Designed for comfort
building relationships how slings can help you form and develop relationships em boys kinderpack owls robots preschool toddler carrying bonding attachment sleeping toddler back carry holding hands huband wife walk rivington pike

The wide, softly padded shoulder straps distribute the weight of your child evenly over your shoulders. The flexible, padded waistband moulds around your body. Many parents find the straps very comfortable and unlike any other carrier’s.

Sizing up wompat carriers

Wompat sizes

Wompats come in 4 sizes, baby, medium, toddler and pre-school. The dimensions as given by the manufacturer are as follows:

  • Baby size (0-18 months, clothing size (EU) 50 – 86): Height 38 cm, width 38 cm
  • Medium size (1-3 years, clothing size 86-92): height 41 cm, width 41 cm
  • Toddler size (2-4 years, clothing size 92-98): height 45 cm, width 45 cm
  • Pre-school size (3-5 years, sizes 98-104/110): height 50 cm, width 50 cm

You’ll see that the sizes overlap. So, one child could fit in two sizes at the same time. Whenever you see ages referred to in carrier sizing, use clothes size rather than age as your guide. For example, a big 6 month old wearing age 12-18 month clothes would best suit the medium size. 

Baby sized wompat

Realistically, 3 months old is probably the earliest a baby will comfortably fit the baby sized Wompat. 

The baby size has two panel width adjusters. These are integrated cords, one at the top, and one at the bottom of the panel. If you’re unsure which size Wompat to buy we suggest renting one first.  If you’re trying to decide between two sizes then get in touch. We may be able to do you an offer to hire both sizes at the same time so you can decide on the best fit

Lovely Wompat

Using the Wompat

Effectively tightening in a crossed strap carry

This video demonstrates how to effectively tighten crossed shoulder straps.

Dual adjust buckles for ease and comfort

The addition of dual adjust buckles makes it easier to tighten the Wompat.  You can pull either forwards or backwards; whichever direction is easiest and most natural to you. 

Dual adjust buckles also enable you to position the buckle where you find them comfortable. That means no more uncomfortable buckle in the armpit issues!

How can I try a Wompat?

We have Wompats in all 4 sizes available to hire. Simply enter  “wompat” into the search box to see all currently available.

We offer both ‘Try before you buy’ and payment plans when buying from our shop.

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