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We are a social enterprise...

A social enterprise is a commercial business that operates to serve a social cause. Like other businesses we aim to make a profit. The difference is that social enterprises reinvest or donate their profits to support positive social change.

We believe in walking the walk. For society to change we need to run our business in line with that change we want to see. We believe that businesses like ours can be a key contributor to social change.

Since the creation of CalmFamily in 2016 being a social enterprise has been central to our company. Our business will always run to support and educate families. This is central to our mission, and at the forefront of everything we do.

Social enterprise organisation

... a collaborative community...

Why do we call ourselves a community? 

We train consultants to support parents and families. These consultants are part of a community that support each other sharing their wisdom and expertise. Each consultant works with parents, locally or online, supporting families in their community, and learning from those families. 

Our work isn’t about telling people what to do.  It is about forming relationships. We consider every stakeholder, every family we work with, to be part of our community. All of our partners, consultants, and clients are an essential part of the community. They all help to make our mission possible; to spread calmer relationships in society. 

We work with our community, listening to their needs to inform how we develop. Collaboration  occurs at every level of the organisation. We listen to our clients, and have a parent  volunteer group recruited to represent diverse voices and experiences whom we consult about products, services and goals. 

In our community ever voice matters.


... a learning organisation...

CalmFamily provides education and support to our consultants, so they can provide education and support to families. Better informed and supported parents raise children in calmer and more empathetic relationships.  These children go on to become adults who development was supported, who thrive, and who educate those around them. They raise their children in those calm and supportive relationships too. We call this a cascade of education. 

This is our societal intervention. We must, therefore, place learning at the heart of what we do. We adapt our offering continually, in line with new research. The more we learn, and facilitate the learning of individuals through exploration and play, the more the organisation grows in knowledge and wisdom. Based on ideas by Peter Senge, we have use an adapted model of the learning organisation to run CalmFamily:

Cooperative systems approach

Leadership works to see the big picture for the organisation.

Challenging mental constructs through exploration

We are all willing to play, explore and challenge ourselves with new ideas.

Collective learning

Shared learning experiences benefit the whole organisation through increased knowledge.

Continuous personal mastery

We value both raising and developing individuals and our community goals.

Collaborative vision

We share our clear vision and listen to each other to ensure we focus on our goals.

Compassion-based leadership

We choose to do business by responding to the world and all humans with compassion.

...and a playful business.

Play is the fundamental way that people learn! We are driven by passion to learn more. We do what we love here, and we love what we do. 

We seek ways to play in order to learn and develop. When it stops being fun, we work together as a community to reignite our joy and enthusiasm, or to support each other while we rest. 

When we encounter a problem, we look at it like a game. How can we change the rules? This helps us to look at society, and understand some of the key issues affecting people, and helps us see we can change them. This is mind-blowing,  world changing, and fun! 

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Do you want to collaborate, learn and play?

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