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14th OCT 2019
7TH OCT 2019
30TH SEP 2019

It was nothing like any training or education I have undertaken before, and everything like what I believe the future of training and connecting with each other should be... Leaving my training I felt empowered and capable. Without this I don't think I'd have got to the point I'm at now which is starting to advertise my services. Emily is incredibly encouraging of your capability to help parent

Rachel Barlee
Trainee consultant

I feel honoured and exceptionally lucky to be a part of the CalmFamily community. I feel excited to have the opportunity to develop the promotion of CalmFamily values to the wider community, with the chance to work with such a wonderful group of people all committed to those same values. Everyone in the CalmFamily community is valued and equality is at the heart of the community. It feels completely refreshing to be in a community in which you feel you can have a positive impact.

Claire Haines
Trainee consultant

Amazing value for money and I wish I could attend these sessions throughout my baby’s first year. Was invaluable, thoroughly enjoyable and calming for both me and my baby. Will be recommending to everyone.

BabyCalm client
Nurturing newborns course

Having the "types of touch" which we can then apply over the body really useful. I don't have to learn different ways of massaging each body part but just need to remember the principles. 

CalmFamily consultant
NurtureCalm taster training

 For the first time ever I felt as if I had permission to not get it 'right'. That yes, there may still be moments in my birth where I am stressed, anxious, all the 'wrong' things are happening. And that is ok. And that in birthcalm one of the things that I and my birth partner were going to learn how to bring myself back from that place. It felt a totally different experience to all other classes I had attended, where it was all about preventing myself from getting into the stressed place, and understanding why the stressed place was so terrible and worth avoiding

BirthCalm client
Birth choices workshop

I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. Parenthood is difficult at the best of times, but to have someone talk to you about options, approaches and the psyche of a toddler is very helpful. The information you provided was so helpful to allow me to reflect and draw my own conclusion on what's best for my toddler. 
I must admit I was a little apprehensive thinking you (as part of ToddlerCalm) would be teaching (possibly preaching) about how I 'should' be parenting a challenging toddler. But to be able to analyse parenting approaches has certainly made me think about what we do and why.
I am just sorry that informative and helpful courses like this aren't available through sure start centres and health centres.

Parent of a toddler
Toddler specialist consultation