Carrying training

A unique learning experience

CalmFamily and Slingababy work closely together and collaborate. Both baby and toddler specialist trainings include carrying training to peer supporter level. This is certified through Slingababy. This provides you with the basics in supporting parents to use carrying for its many benefits. 

Many CalmFamily consultants find that sling consultancy fits perfectly with their CalmFamily role. Similarly, many sling consultants find that they want to offer more insight into the needs and development of babies, toddlers, and parents than sling support enables. calming, bonding, and its practical benefits/ bringing you a wealth of options in professional training in carrying and slings. 

Whether you want to become a trained peer supporter, undertake full consultant training, or add skills and services to your current practice, our organisations can offer you the most comprehensive and heart-felt training in a range of formats with highly skilled and experienced trainers.

CalmFamily’s carrying offering includes: