Our vision for the organisation

The vision for CalmFamily as an organisation is to create a substantial and sustainable community offering education and support to families, and professionals working with families, globally. Our extensive network of educators, supporters and campaigners will affect real change in all environments improving the future for all human beings.

We believe that with every family we reach and support to raise the next generation with increased empathy and compassion, we work towards our goal. A future in which more children develop full capacity for compassion, empathy and resilience. With every family we reach fewer children will be raised in environments dominated by fear and shame. Less and less of society will be dominated by fear, and the perception of others as a threat. These empathic and compassionate humans will be more capable of changing the way society is structured, for a better world.

CalmFamily will provide education and training to families, and to professionals who work with children and families. We will speak, and write, and publish. We will produce and distribute products that genuinely support the development of the next generation and make our society a more equal, compassionate and fair place to be human.

Our education programmes, will be delivered by highly trained consultants, and in the future will extend beyond BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm to cover:

We will work online and in-person in local communities wherever families need us, and where we can be helpful to professionals working with families.