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In the midst of rising levels of discrimination and violence against women, raising men who respect women has never been more important. How do we raise men who respect women? There are a number of things we can do if we really want to raise our children to be respectful of all other human beings, and treat people equally. Sadly, it isn’t as simple as telling them to do so, or telling them that equality is important. It definitely won’t be achieved by intimidating children into considering us the authority, and it won’t be achieved by believing that men are inherently problematic.

Children learn how to be adult humans, and behave as such, through direct experience of the world and human behaviour, and through observed experience of these things. This includes how they are treated directly by their parents, how their parents and others respond to them, and by watching how the people around them treat each other, most importantly, their close family members in the early years, This observational experience, or modelled behaviour, has the greatest impact in a child’s early years. This is when the most fundamental pathways are formed in the brain. As parents, we cannot control all of their experiences, but we can give them fundamental principles.

I am not one to give advice, or tell people how to parent their children, because that is just not my style. My approach is always to provide education (information) and support, with the hope that it helps parents and children to work together for calmer relationships.

In this book “Raising men who respect women”, you will find seven chapters covering what I believe are the over-arching changes we need in order for the men of the future to end misogyny and challenge and change the systems in which we all live. These are therefore important aspects that we need to develop in our children (all our children but we are focused on boys here) for them to grow into adults who treat women (well everyone) with respect. Each chapter provides information on the topic, evidence where possible, supportive discussion, and parenting ideas to offer you something actionable from this. Take from this what you find helpful, and leave the rest.

I really want things to change, and to help parents achieve what they want.

This is a downloadable PDF of the e-Book. You can also buy this book on Kindle, or in Paperback here.


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